Solid Roof Conservatory

Our solid roofs are tough and reliable so no matter what like snow or something falling onto it, the roof won’t cave in unlike your soft type of roof which has a chance to cave in if a lot of weight is put onto it or if you have a glass roof something could possible smash it. With the solid conservatory, you will have no worries, therefore.

With a Solid roof, it comes with its benefits and is a great solution to a normal conservatory roof. In the first place, it saves you money right off the bat with the heating bill and it makes the place sound a lot better so you can watch tv with it getting on your nerves and watch the tv in peace without rain thumping onto the glass and distracting you. You can also make it so its the same colour as your house so it all looks like one. This will bring the value of your house up as well due to the stable temperatures and the acoustic surroundings.

No matter the style or shape of your conservatory, Roof Wize have the perfect replacement roof for you, whether it be for an Edwardian Conservatory, Gable End, Victorian, Lean To and more!

Just look at our many happy customer reviews across the UK to see how they have benefited from a Warmer Conservatory Roof. Want to know how the replacement roof service works? Simply take a look at our simple 6 step guide on our website.

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