Superb ‘U Value as low as 0.14Wm2 achieving buidling regulation requirements



Prior to installation at your property, Each & Every roof is pre-assembled and checked in the factory, then sent out in kit form for convenient and speedy assembly on site.

Only proven materials are deployed on our warm roofs. Tapco slate tiles (available in Pewter Grey, Plum Slate, Stone Black, Brick Red, Red Rock, and Chestnut Brown) Tapco tiles have a 50-year warranty.

Or Metrotile roof metal tile. in the choice of Charcoal, Burnt Umber, and Antique Red. Metrolite Tiles have a 40-year warranty.

The insulation for our warm roofs is provided by our patent pending Timber Based Pod System which is fully JHAI System Approved. We only use the industry leading VELUX roof windows, not cheap inferior roof windows.

Fascia & Soffit are from market leaders Eurocell with a choice of White, Black, Rosewood, Oak, Anthracite Grey, White Ash, Cream, and Chartwell Green. with a 20 year warranty.

Guttering is Marshal Tufflex Ogee in a choice of White, Black, Dark Brown, and Caramel. With a 10 year warranty.

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100% Bespoke Conservatory Roof

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Energy Efficient

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The Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Warm Roof for Your Conservatory

Year-Round Usage

Perhaps the most significant advantage, our replacement conservatory roofs allow homeowners to enjoy their conservatory throughout the year, not just during suitable weather.

Property owners invest a significant amount of money into their conservatories for a reason, so failing to utilise the additional space usually represents a waste of money.

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Noise Reduction

As well as the cold winter and sunny summers, conservatory roofs also have to contend with the rain. Sitting in a polycarbonate or glass-roofed conservatory during a downpour can often be deafening, and is certainly not conducive to relaxation or a quiet working environment.

Our insulated conservatory roofs offer homeowners in Herts, Beds, Bucks, Northants, Oxon and Surrounding Areas radically reduced noise levels, perfect for that extra peace and quiet.

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Reduced Energy Bills

One of the primary reasons why conservatories in Herts, Beds, Bucks, Northants, Oxon and Surrounding Areas aren’t utilised throughout the year is because it costs too much to heat them. Traditional glass and polycarbonate roofing have low heat-retention qualities.

Our range of solid conservatory roofs come with a layer of insulation to protect against heat loss, resulting in lower heating costs.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

We only use Tapco and Metrotile materials for our replacement conservatory roofs. Not only does this ensure that our tiled conservatory roofs meet our own demanding standards, it also benefits the environment.

These tiles are completely recyclable, and their lightweight nature offer easy transport options, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions.


This is a popular style conservatory with its classic, clean-lines of the Edwardian. This conservatory offers an ideal way to maximise the space in your home


A gable-end conservatory can add real style to your home. A gable-end conservatory is square or rectangular in style giving you maximum space.


This beautiful English design looks perfect against any home. The style is adaptable to any building shape making it the perfect choice.


The Lean-to style conservatory is a popular choice for many homes. It has a simple clean lines and perfectly suited for modern style homes.


This style conservatory is adaptable to any home. Whether you live in a house or bungalow, height restrictions are not a problem.

A Few Questions We Often Get Asked

Yes certainly! A Warmer Roof will dramatically change the temperature making your room much warmer during the winter and cooler throughout the summerallowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

A Warmer Roof is more or less the same weight as a glass roof. In accordance with Government Guidelines, if the structure shows no signs of distress, the existing foundations are likely to be adequate to carry the small additional loadings.

We advise on checking the footings and adding reinforcements to frames if necessary

A reduction in natural light will occur when replacing your existing roof. Adding opening roof lights with internal lighting will make your room feel bright and airy.

Yes, your Warmer Roof is strong enough to stand on but we advise on all health and safety procedures being carried out prior to doing so.

Absolutely, you can customise your Warmer Roof with a range of tile options, gutter and fascia colours to blend in perfectly with your existing home

A Warmer Roof will substantially reduce external noise especially as the roof insulation itself has acoustic performance properties.

This considerable noise reduction will allow you to be more relaxed especially during inclement weather.

Yes, condensation build up within the roof structure can cause you endless problems down the line such as damp patches, leaks and plasterboard cracking.
Our wooden structure combined with our exceptional thermal performance can be sure to put your mind at ease.

Generally Building Control is required but it is wise to consult with your local council Building Control department as Building Control opinion can vary from council to council.

Warmer Roof has full JHAI Building Control accreditation so this makes Building Control applications less complicated as an approved roofing system is being used.